About GoL 

 GoL (GoL Travels Pvt Ltd) is a multi service provider exclusively to the people of Lakshadweep which operates online shopping to Lakshadweep, provides stay at lodges/houses in Mainland for people of Lakshadweep, Courier service to all Islands etc. GoL is an aggregator which stands as a connecting bridge between Lakshadweep Islands to mainland. GoL facilitates by resolving the barriers in transportation of the goods and services to Lakshadweep from Mainland. GoL provides an Online Platform (mobile APP & web portal www.goleservice.com) with branch units in each Island in order to facilitate smooth purchasing / courier of all needy items to Islanders. Gol Courier is an uninterrupted courier service to Lakshadweep with home delivery in all Islands. GoL provides accommodation to Islanders in various lodges/daily rented houses in Mainland. GoL also provides other services to the Islanders. 

GoL Travels is owned and managed by Islanders with intention to provide all needy service to people of Lakshadweep from Mainland with quality and trust. Gol head office is set up at Kochi, Thoppumpady (2 Km near to UTL ship starting point) with a well competent team and full back-end support (24 X 7 customer care). GoL has its own branch offices in all Islands of Lakshadweep with staff.